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Ideal for sleepers of all positions, this pillow helps maximize your comfort with its pressure-relieving firm design and ultra-soft fill.

  • Suitable for all positions sleepers
  • Medium support
  • Duck down fill
  • 650 fill power
  • 330 thread count
  • 100% cotton

FluffBuddy Pillow

With the FluffBuddy subscription service you can specify what type of pillow and how often you will like us to send you a brand new fluffy pillow.

A new fluffy pillow can help you sleep better through the night so that you wake up refreshed and not suffering from allergies or pain.

Skin Care

 You could sweat up to 15 gallons a year. Your pillow absorbs some of this sweat. The sweat contains bacteria. This bacteria may be affecting your skin.

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Pain Management

A good pillow can help mitigate or manage pain in the body. Pillows can help with headaches, neck aches, back aches, misaligned hips and knee problems.

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Allergy Prevention

As you sleep you shed dead skin cells. Dust mites are microscopic organisms that eat the dead skin cells. Their fecal pellets can cause severe allergic reactions.

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Good Sleep Starts Here

Our pillows are engineered to the highest of standards and are meant to maintain their shape and form while under your care. A new pillow can help reduce neck and back pain while sleeping. A newer pillow can also help with snoring and acid reflux. 

Give yourself a head start everynight by having a fresh pillow that hasn't lost its shape, form or fluff. 


Skin Care

It's clogging your pores

When it comes to absorbing bacteria, oils, old makeup, sweat, drool, hair products, and all the other human gunk on you, your pillow is like a sponge. Just imagine it, you deposit these materials on your pillowcase all night long, night after night. Your pillow may look clean but trust us, it’s not.

If you sleep 7-8 hours each night (like you should), you’re exposing your skin to everything on your pillowcase for about 210-240 hours a month. You’d be hard pressed to find anything else that touches your skin that much.

It's causing irritation

Are you waking up with red, itchy, irritated skin? That a dirty pillowcase is re-depositing dirt, oil, germs, makeup, hair products, and more onto your skin, which could be the cause of temporary irritation 

Common pain associated to inadequate pillows

Jaw Pain, TMJ, Headaches

TMJ Pain can happen when we sleep directly on our jaw. The average head weighs 8-10 pouds. Over time a flat uneven pillow will exasperate the pain associated with TMJ.

Neck Pain

When your pillow stops contouring to your neck, you might wake with slight to severe neck discomfort.

Shoulder Pain

If you sleep on a pillow that is too flat, the shoulder has no protection against the firmness of the bed. The result is increased shoulder pain upon waking.

Lower Back Pain

A flat or clumpy pillow can misalign your spine. Your ears, shoulders and hip should be in alignment. Fill the gaps between your body and the bed with additional pillows to reduce strain.

Hip Pain

Similar to lower back pain, hip pain is caused by stress on the ailing areas. Place an additional pillow under your lower back. This will help relieve hip strain.

Knee Pain

Not completely caused by sleeping, knee pain can be alleviated by simply either placing a pillow between the knees or under your knees.

Critter Alert

Did you know that you could be sleeping with millions of critters every night? Dust mites gather in places such as your beds, they feed off of your exfoliated skin cells. Dust mite fecal waste can cause several severe allergic reactions. Changing your pillow often can also help reduce the number of dust mites that naturally occur in your bed and in your pillow.

Dust Mite Facts
dust mite
Average dust mite sizedust mite eggs
dust mite life spandust mite waste


Gram of Dust



Dust Mites



Allergenic Pellets

Allergy Symptoms




Red Eyes

Runny Nose

Tight Chest


Dust mites may be living in your pillow

Beacon of Hope

Wondering what to do with all your used pillows? Like you we don't want the planet to suffer for your comfort. There are tons of things you can do to recycle your used pillows before adding them to a landfill. We have put together a list of somethings you can do to reused those used pillows. 

Pillow Recycling Tips
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