Trouble sleeping?
You're not alone

Are you concerned with skin care, pain management or allergy prevention? What you sleep on at night can have a big impact on your health overall. Sleep researchers have concluded that most people do not change their pillows enough.

Skin Care

Your pillow can contain sweat, bacteria, dirt, makeup residue, organisms and a myriad of other things. Without constant washing your pillow could be the cause of rashes, ache and visible aging.

Pain Management

Pills, surgery and other methods to alleviate bodily pain could be diminished due to an aging pillow. An old pillow improperly supports your head neck and shoulders and could cause a cascade of negative effects throughout your entire body.

Allergy Prevention

The contaminants lying in your pillow can also cause mild to sever allergic reactions. Some reactions may be visible like rashes and blemishes while others may be internal. Internal reactions could include a runny nose or asthma complications.

Fluff Buddy
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Never again worry how long its been since you washed or replaced your pillow. We will deliver a brand new fluffy clean pillow that will help you achieve the best sleep you can have.


Washing can only get out so much of the contaminants in our pillow. Fluffy Buddy makes 100% sure that you sleep on a clean pillow as much and as often as you like.


Help your body relax at night with a properly fluffy pillow that will help alleviate night-time bodily injury. Fluff Buddy pillows are designed for maximum comfort and function.


There is nothing like something brand new and our pillows are shipped directly from our Fluff Buddy manufacturing warehouse directly to you.

Fluff Buddy Pillows


Our standard Fluff Buddy Feather filled pillow offers hotel quality

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Our Hypoallergenic pillow is made of a synthetic poly fill for those who prefer not to sleep on a feather pillow because of feather related allergies

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Our Foam pillow has fluffy but giving substance allowing your head to feel as if it is cushioned from all sides

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