Watch Out, Your Pillows Are Harming Your Health!

How You’re Grooming An Icky Biodiversity Right Under Your Head

Yes, you read the heading right --- there’s a nasty community thriving just beneath your head, right in the place you frequently rest it on, your pillow. A clique of microorganisms comprised of dust mites, bacteria, superbugs and fungi living off on your dead skin cells and leaving feces all over.

And it’s backed by Science, specifically by a study conducted by Dr. Arthur Tucker and his team. The results of the said undertaking even led the doctor to conclude that after being slept on for two years, one-third of a pillow’s weight is made up of dead skin, germs, dust mites and their poop.

So, what other tiny creatures share your pillow with you when you use it? Read on to find out (just don’t blame us if you become sleepless because of it!).

What You've Been Sleeping On

Dust Mites – these insect-like microorganisms (in fact, they’re relatives of the spiders) are found basically everywhere. One study even went as far as saying that about 2 million dust mites live on beds alone. Unlike bed bugs, they don’t bite. However, they do leave their droppings all over. And according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, more than 20 million Americans are allergic to the said droppings. So, if you’re woken up by constant sneezing, watery and itchy eyes and runny nose; don’t dismiss it as another seasonal allergy attack. Your pillow could be causing it. It’s time you wash or even replace the thing.

Dead Skin Cells – shedding off dead skin cells are quite normal. In fact, a person sheds thousands in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, dead skin cells serve as dust mites’ forage. Where the former is, expect the latter to be there also. That’s why dust mites love your pillow. You shed a lot of skin cells as you sleep and they feed off on these shedding. Now you know why washing and replacing your pillows at the right time is important.

Fecal Matter – yes, your pillow holds traces of fecal matter --- from you and from the dust mites living in it. Accordingly, we carry traces of fecal matters on our clothes and bodies which we spread around the places we go to. As we spend a large amount of our daily time in our beds and pillows, it would just be natural to find a high concentration of these gross things on our pillows, blankets and sheets, too.

But experts assure us that “a little” of these won’t hurt us.

Fungi– Rob Dunn, in his study on the microorganisms found on some 1,000 surfaces at home, revealed that our pillows contain “tens of thousands” of fungal species, more than the named ones scientists have found in our planet.

Pet Danders And Parasites– if you have a pet and you let him on your bed, chances are you’re going to be dealing with more than just his paw prints. In fact, he’ll be leaving more than just his scuffs. And if you let your precious animal friend sleep with you in bed, you’re putting yourself at a greater health risk. We’re talking about methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection, germ infections and even Lyme’s disease.

Simply put, your love for your pets is a given. But never share your pillows with them.

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Recent Comments

Susan Winters

Kept waking up throughout the night and it never dawned on me that it might have something to do with my pillow that I've had since college.
Reply. 10 . Like . 12 minutes ago

Kirkley Banister

My bf can tell you that my pillow barely resembles a pillow anymore its more of a lumpy thing that invades our bed.
Reply. 34 . Like . 1 hours ago

Cash Minton

Ugh I know what you mean I have the same creature in my bed too
Reply. . Like . 12 minutes ago

Riley Washington

I haven't changed a thing about my bed in years. I wash the bedding all the time but I swear I have better sleep in hotel beds. They probably change everything all the time.
Reply. 40. Like . 7 hours ago

Kiki Nance

So how crazy am I to admit that my pillow looks like its been to war and back.
Reply. . Like . 9 hours ago

Will Struct

My neck is so jacked up from sleeping horribly all night that I almost dread going to sleep when I need to. Its probably my pillows but when I'm at a store I completely forget about it.
Reply. . Like . 9 hours ago

Suze Alvarez

I need to get rid of everything on my bed and start over!
Reply. 3. Like . 10 hours ago

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