Fluff Buddy's commitment to recycling

You find yourself having some of the best sleep you've had with your Fluff Buddy Pillow Subscription but your wondering what do you do with your used pillows? 

Furry friend's new fluff

You can take your used fluff buddy pillows, wash them and recycle them for your furry best friends newest sleep hangout. While any repeatedly washed pillow might have lost its former fluff and form your furry companion is not that picky and will love it.

Packing Helper

Are you moving and looking to save money while protecting your fragile items. Your washed used pillows can be placed around objects to protect them while they are being transported.


Your pillow might not be 100% sleep functional but it can be recycled into a fancy decorative pillow that accents any decor. It can be used as a throw pillow for a couch or even it's old home your bed.


Not all but some homeless shelters, pet shelters and various organizations will take your used washed pillows. Give your used fluff buddy a second chance at making someone in need a bit happier.

Floor Cushions

This DIY project will take your used pillows and convert them from the bed to the floor. Sitting on the floor is a great way to connect with the world and socialize as a group.


Depending on the fill of your pillow you might be able to simply recycle your pillow. This might mean removing your pillow casing recycling just the fill.