Sleep 101: Pillows And Comfortable Sleep

Is Having The Right Pillow That Important To Getting A Good Night’s Sleep?

Sleep is important. The many reports and articles done on the subject matter can attest to that. So can the many studies on the negative effects of sleep deprivation. Even the government posted a piece of its mind regarding the importance of getting enough Zzzs citing the five areas the latter is vital in--- physical health, brain function, emotional wellbeing, daytime alertness, and safety.

But no matter how essential a good night’s snooze is, many of us are not getting enough of it. It could be because of some medical conditions, our gadgets, and yes, even our pillows. Unbelievable but true, the pillows we use might cause sleep disruption and deprivation. That is if we’re not using the right one.

Pillows, Is There Such A Thing As The Right One?

The use of pillows dates as far back as 7000 BC in what is known as the “Cradle of Civilization”, Mesopotamia. This fact just shows that even way back then, people understood that these things account for a more comfortable sleep.

One of the main roles the pillow plays when we snooze is to give support to our necks and backs. The point is, our spines are naturally curved. Having the right pillow means the proper alignment of this part of our bodies is maintained even while we sleep. On the contrary, not having the right support could mean you wouldn’t be able to sleep straight through the night. And come morning, you’ll be suffering from a literal pain in the back and neck stiffness.

The second major role pillows play in your bed is connected to comfort. However, this is highly subjective. What’s comfortable to others might not be comfy for you. You have to take into account your body size, physical condition (you also have to take in mind if you have certain medical conditions) as well as the most frequent sleep position you use when right pillow hunting.

Additionally, the right pillow support is also a significant factor when it comes to being comfy. If the cushion your head rests on doesn’t give you the backing your body needs then you’re most likely to be uncomfortable. And being uncomfortable means waking up multiple times in the middle of sleep or not being able to sleep at all.

Pillows For Life? Yuck!

And one more thing, always keep in mind that pillows are not for life.

One sleep expert stressed the need to replace the pillows we use at least every six months. Well, every three years is the longest period we can use them provided that they’re covered and that both covers and the pillows themselves are frequently cleaned.

Cleaning-wise, pillow covers must be thrown in the laundry every three weeks while pillows need to be washed every six months.

“Pillow replacement isn’t about it falling apart that’s why it needs to be replaced. I’m talking about the dust mites and the other allergy-causing critters that thrive in the pillows we’re using. These microorganisms could be the cause as to why we’re suffering from a runny nose the whole year round. It could even be the culprit as to why our acne breakouts just won’t fizzle,” the sleep expert said.

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Recent Comments

Susan Winters

Kept waking up throughout the night and it never dawned on me that it might have something to do with my pillow that I've had since college.
Reply. 10 . Like . 12 minutes ago

Kirkley Banister

My bf can tell you that my pillow barely resembles a pillow anymore its more of a lumpy thing that invades our bed.
Reply. 34 . Like . 1 hours ago

Cash Minton

Ugh I know what you mean I have the same creature in my bed too
Reply. . Like . 12 minutes ago

Riley Washington

I haven't changed a thing about my bed in years. I wash the bedding all the time but I swear I have better sleep in hotel beds. They probably change everything all the time.
Reply. 40. Like . 7 hours ago

Kiki Nance

So how crazy am I to admit that my pillow looks like its been to war and back.
Reply. . Like . 9 hours ago

Will Struct

My neck is so jacked up from sleeping horribly all night that I almost dread going to sleep when I need to. Its probably my pillows but when I'm at a store I completely forget about it.
Reply. . Like . 9 hours ago

Suze Alvarez

I need to get rid of everything on my bed and start over!
Reply. 3. Like . 10 hours ago

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