Why Is My Pillow Turning Yellow?

These Yellow Stains Are More Than Just Drool And Sweat

It’s been three weeks since you’ve last changed your pillowcase, so you’re prepping to change them today. But when you peeled this outer layer off from your pillow, ECKKK! With wide, disbelieving eyes, you take in the unsightly yellow stain adorning your once pristinely white pillow. And it’s right on the spot where your head rests every night!

Well, yellow-stained pillows are something you shouldn’t be surprised about. They’re simply the evidence you’re putting your pillow to good use when you sleep. But as much as they’re unsurprising, these yellow stains are truly something you should be grossed out about. Because these marks are not just simply sweat and drool. They could be so much more.

The 5 Things That Cause Your Pillows To Turn Yellow

Sweat – yes, it’s the most common culprit of that yellow stain on your pillow, pillowcase, and even your bed sheets. And no, the “But I don’t sweat when I sleep” excuse isn’t a valid one because it’s dead wrong. Your body does secrete sweat when you’re sleeping, you might just not be aware of it.

But mildly sweating in your sleep – unless you have a medical condition that makes you sweat out profusely – is perfectly normal. It’s a sign your body is regulating your temperature as you rest. And because your head’s resting on your pillow for about 6 to 8 hours every night, the moisture and oils secreted by your pores will naturally find their way on to your pillowcase and underneath leaving yellowish streaks and marks.

Drool – yes, unknowingly, you might be slobbering in your sleep. If you want to find out, take a closer look at the stains marring your pillow and pillowcase. Drool marks are more brownish than yellowish and take on the shape of yucky fluffy clouds.

Drool seeps through the case right on to your pillow taking with it the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your pillow’s case along. That explains its brownish tinge. In this light, you might want to stop drooling for the sake of your pillow.

Wet Hair – well, taking a shower before turning in for the night is a hygienic habit but make sure your hair’s totally dry before you do so. This is because, like sweat and drool, your hair’s wetness can seep in your pillowcase and on to your pillow causing discoloration.

Makeup And Other Beauty Products– ever notice how makeup dirties your bathroom’s sink as you wash it away? It pretty much does the same to your pillowcase and pillow if you decide to sleep with it on your face. The catch --- makeup ends up becoming the “dirt” that ultimately causes pimples and (ack!) acne breakouts.

Dirt And Grime– aside from the ones we contribute (dead skin cells are just one of these many things), some of the dirt and grime from our beds, rooms and even our pets could, in one way or another, end up on our pillows.

Believe it or not, all these things accumulating on your pillows and used pillowcases make them the perfect breeding and homing grounds of microorganisms like dust mites, bacteria, and even fungi. And not washing or replacing them according to experts’ recommendations make them as nasty as that “throne” in your toilet.

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Recent Comments

Susan Winters

Kept waking up throughout the night and it never dawned on me that it might have something to do with my pillow that I've had since college.
Reply. 10 . Like . 12 minutes ago

Kirkley Banister

My bf can tell you that my pillow barely resembles a pillow anymore its more of a lumpy thing that invades our bed.
Reply. 34 . Like . 1 hours ago

Cash Minton

Ugh I know what you mean I have the same creature in my bed too
Reply. . Like . 12 minutes ago

Riley Washington

I haven't changed a thing about my bed in years. I wash the bedding all the time but I swear I have better sleep in hotel beds. They probably change everything all the time.
Reply. 40. Like . 7 hours ago

Kiki Nance

So how crazy am I to admit that my pillow looks like its been to war and back.
Reply. . Like . 9 hours ago

Will Struct

My neck is so jacked up from sleeping horribly all night that I almost dread going to sleep when I need to. Its probably my pillows but when I'm at a store I completely forget about it.
Reply. . Like . 9 hours ago

Suze Alvarez

I need to get rid of everything on my bed and start over!
Reply. 3. Like . 10 hours ago

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